Book Aid to Sell Books on Instagram

Book Aid has always sold books, that are not required overseas, in its bookshops and more recently on-line via and the Advanced Book Exchange. The money raised is used to cover the cost of transporting, sorting and packing those books that are sent overseas to Book Aid’s container partners. In order to reach a larger market BookContinue reading “Book Aid to Sell Books on Instagram”

Book Aid is Back at the Christian Resources Exhibition!

It’s been a few years since Book Aid was able to get a van near to CRE’s site in London, but now that CRE is back at Sandown Park the Book Aid van will be there 16th-18th October 2018. We’ve been allocated space is on the ‘yellow brick ‘ outside the main entrance. Book Aid teamContinue reading “Book Aid is Back at the Christian Resources Exhibition!”

Theological Journals for Bible Colleges

Book Aid has been asked to provide theology journals for Bible Colleges in Europe and West Africa. If you have sets or individual journals you would like to donate, we would be most grateful to receive them. Please let us know in advance by emailing so that we can check if they are on the “wantsContinue reading “Theological Journals for Bible Colleges”

Book Aid Announces Death of Ada Hiley

It is with enormous sadness that Book Aid has to announce the death of Ada Hiley on Saturday 2nd September. Many will know that Ada was the co-founder of Book Aid, along with her husband Bob and she worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly for the Lord setting up and running the Book Aid bookshop here inContinue reading “Book Aid Announces Death of Ada Hiley”