A Word of Thanks for Bibles

Thank you…

…to the Paran Church in Blackmill and to 2 private donors from Warrington and South London for funds totalling £120 sent to Book Aid since Easter towards purchasing Bibles. We have been able to order 75 paperback New King James Versions from the CLC London shop at a good price. Thank you CLC for your missionary vision! We expect the Bibles to arrive in time for the next container departing in April for Book Aid Kenya Mission. Philomena Mulandi, the Director of Book Aid Kenya Mission was in our London warehouse today and she was able to select the version (NKJV) best suited to customers in the shop in Mombasa. Her preference was for the cheapest we could buy so that as many as possible could benefit.

Book Aid’s stock of Bibles is at an all-time low so please do continue to look out for any spare copies to donate.