Increasing Demand for Theology Books

Book Aid is seeing an increasing demand for books on theology from its partners overseas. In some countries, such as Kenya, the Government is insisting that in order to run a church ministers must now obtain a recognised qualification in theology. It is very likely that this trend will continue and be applied in other countries.

In Nagaland in North East India, 90% of the population are English-speaking Christians. There are between 50 and 100 Bible Colleges already established, with more being set up all the time. However, with a few exceptions, most have only a few hundred books in their libraries – and many have none at all.

Theology Books urgently required overseas

In Nagaland most Bible Colleges have very few theology books and commentaries like these in their libraries

Book Aid would like to respond to these requests, so we have updated the list of materials that we ask for from book donors in the UK:

  • All kinds of Christian books regardless of age or doctrinal stance.
    Books on theology, Bible commentaries, Bible encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  • Books on biblical languages, including lexicons and books on grammar.
  • Bibles of any version [except New English Bible (NEB)] regardless of age
  • Ladybird Books – both religious and secular.
  • Theological Journals – see here for details.

3 thoughts on “Increasing Demand for Theology Books

  1. Hi James,

    Many thanks for your response. We have a network of collection points throughout the UK [], but I see from your Facebook page that you are in the US. While we cannot collect books from there, we hope that our American friends might be willing to help with the transportation costs, which will be considerable.

    Otherwise, I think the Theological Book Network does similar work and is US-based [].

    Yours in Christ, Rob
    Book Aid Trustee

  2. I head The Way of Peace Bible College and Seminary, Akure, Ondo State in the SouthWest of Nigeria. The College is in dire need of theological books and would not mind receiving a helping hand from Book Aid or Theological Book Network. Our postal address is:
    The Way of Peace Bible College and Seminary,
    P. M. B. 652, Akure,
    Ondo State, Nigeria.
    We shall be eternally grateful if we can benefit from your service.
    Thank you.

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