Collector’s Consent Form

Due to new legislation (General Data Protection Regulations) which become law on 25 May 2018, we need your consent to keep and use your details.Sadly, if we do not hear back from you by 25.05.2018 we have to, by law, remove your details from our records.

As a valued Book Aid Collector you are on our official Collectors list we are currently using.  We use the list to give out to members of the public who ask for their nearest collecting point.   We try to give only your name and phone number or email address but sometimes we give your address if it seems appropriate. We need you to complete and return this form so we can prove you have consented to this.

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other organisations. You can ask to be removed from our records at any time by contacting or calling us on 020 8778 2145.