A Word of Thanks for Bibles

Thank you…

…to the Paran Church in Blackmill and to 2 private donors from Warrington and South London for funds totalling £120 sent to Book Aid since Easter towards purchasing Bibles. We have been able to order 75 paperback New King James Versions from the CLC London shop at a good price. Thank you CLC for your missionary vision! We expect the Bibles to arrive in time for the next container departing in April for Book Aid Kenya Mission. Philomena Mulandi, the Director of Book Aid Kenya Mission was in our London warehouse today and she was able to select the version (NKJV) best suited to customers in the shop in Mombasa. Her preference was for the cheapest we could buy so that as many as possible could benefit.

Book Aid’s stock of Bibles is at an all-time low so please do continue to look out for any spare copies to donate.

More Bibles Please!

The Book Aid team

Early this morning we shipped a container to Zimbabwe (see photo taken by the truck driver) which included 76 boxes of Bibles on board along with many more boxes of books.  Last year we sent them 92 boxes of Bibles and we hope they won’t be too disappointed!  Book Aid is experiencing an unprecedented request for Bibles from our Container Partners in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Kenya and we have a shortage of Bibles coming through our warehouses!  How do we know that?  Well our Container partners have recently been telling us that out of all the books we send them Bibles are what they most need and that they cannot satisfy the demand for Bibles in their areas, that people come to their shops asking for Bibles.  Book Aid has recently tried  to double the number we put in each container but this only takes up a small part of each shipment and we would like to send more.

If you have a Bible or 2 (or more) to spare, or if your church has Bibles not being used very often,  they can be sent to countries where there is great demand.  Book Aid can be contacted at office@book-aid.org  and we will able to let you know where there is a collecting point near you, or Bibles can be delivered in person to any of our shops or mailed to Book Aid Bromley House, Kangley Bridge Road, London SE26 5AQ.

Increasing Demand for Theology Books

Book Aid is seeing an increasing demand for books on theology from its partners overseas. In some countries, such as Kenya, the Government is insisting that in order to run a church ministers must now obtain a recognised qualification in theology. It is very likely that this trend will continue and be applied in other countries.

In Nagaland in North East India, 90% of the population are English-speaking Christians. There are between 50 and 100 Bible Colleges already established, with more being set up all the time. However, with a few exceptions, most have only a few hundred books in their libraries – and many have none at all.

Theology Books urgently required overseas

In Nagaland most Bible Colleges have very few theology books and commentaries like these in their libraries

Book Aid would like to respond to these requests, so we have updated the list of materials that we ask for from book donors in the UK:

  • All kinds of Christian books regardless of age or doctrinal stance.
    Books on theology, Bible commentaries, Bible encyclopedias and dictionaries.
  • Books on biblical languages, including lexicons and books on grammar.
  • Bibles of any version [except New English Bible (NEB)] regardless of age
  • Ladybird Books – both religious and secular.
  • Theological Journals – see here for details.

Urgent Appeal for Bibles from Italy

Bibles Urgently required in Italy

English Language Bibles are Urgently required in Italy

Many thousands of English-speaking Africans cross over the sea from Africa to Europe (see this BBC report). Sadly, many are lost at sea and do not reach their intended destination. Others do reach Italy and are stranded without help from the government. Local believers are doing what they can, but have run out of Bibles in English and on Book Aid for assistance.

Can Book Aid help? Yes, we can! Praise God! We have the Bibles and New Testaments ready to ship to Italy, but we need help with the shipping costs (£500). With your help we can do something – your contribution will do the job.

If you can help, please write on the reverse side of your cheque “Bibles to Italy” or use the PayPal button on the website and write “Bibles to Italy” in the instructions field. Thank you and God bless you.

“Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honoured, as happened among you,” – 2 Thess. 3:1